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KO's K9

KO II is my youngest. He is very, very intelligent. For a boxer at his age he is a really calm dog. Just like Bo, he has the ability to read whatever the other dogs behavior and adjust accordingly.

He has a tendency to make himself small and less threatening especially for shy dogs, which is exactly what they need to adjust.

Bo’s is my helper dog. He helps with dogs that tend to be more timid and fearful, and also with dogs that have aggression issues.

Bo will actually go up to a dog and assess how the dog is feeling and adjust his behavior accordingly, thus allowing him to warm up or integrate with the pack.

KO's K9

Miss Cali is my oldest. She is the one dog I don’t train, other than basic manners, because she is what I call a unicorn dog — just a naturally all around good dog. Because of this she has this natural ability to correct unwanted nuisance behavior in dogs without causing conflict.

KO's K9

In my prior life I was a marine mechanic. In 2019 I lost the use of my legs for a little over a year 1/2. I didn’t think I was going to walk again.

I had to do physical therapy and to pass the time I watched a lot of dog shows and attended dog training school.

I had always wanted to work with dogs, but never had the push to make the leap.

Fast-forward to today, a bad day of work for me is the day I don’t get to see any dogs.

I treat your dogs like I treat mine, I treat them like family.

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