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Professional Dog Training Services

You will get much more at KO's K9 Training and Obedience

Puppy Lessons

Are mostly geared towards training on socialization and starting to introduce the basic obedience and proper manners.

Obedience Training

Structured and consistent techniques to train your dog to be a well-rounded happy, confident dogs. A family dog!

Exercise and Play Program

The majority of your dogs obedience issues can be solved with regular exercise and play. If a dog has a lot of pent up energy this is when the michief happens: such as chewing on furniture, excessive barking, and other behavioral issues.

Boarding and Training

3 week program with two weeks boarding and one week one-to-one owner and dog. Someof the activities include: socialization, proper play, continuous basic obedience, off-leash training and dog art

Dog Behavior Evaluations

If you are unsure of what your dog is doing, this is where we come in to asses the situation and to figure out what the next best course of action is. Often times what a client describes is not actually what is going on.

Dog Sitting

I treat your dogs like I treat mine, like family. I will dog sit at your location, but I prefer to do it at mine. Right away I like to integrate them into the pack. They never get put into a kennel unless I absolutely need to. At our location they get their own room.

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